Energy Efficient

Matcorp Electrical provides energy efficient and environmentally responsible lighting solutions to businesses and organisations across New South Wales.

Matcorp Electrial has LED lighting technology that can significantly reduce your electricity consumption and can cut power bills as much as 90%. The Benefits of your business using energy efficient lighting

  • Eligibility for the NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) - see back for detailed explanation
  • Less energy consumption which reduces business running costs
  • Ensures higher level of safety in the workplace through improved lighting solutions

The responsibility for being energy efficient is in your hands… get peace of mind and be financially rewarded with energy efficient solutions.

The Energy Savings Scheme reduces electricity consumption in NSW by creating financial incentives for energy saving activities.

Energy savings are achieved by installing, improving or replacing energy savings equipment.

Those incentives are energy savings certificates for every megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity you save from eligible activities. Businesses work to implement projects with voluntary participants, known as Accredited Certificate Providers, and certificates are created.

Investment in energy efficiency is one of the most economic ways to reduce your environmental footprint. Efficiency projects that may be marginal on a cost/benefit basis from power savings alone may become attractive with the additional income from energy savings certificates.

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