Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging, or thermography, is a non-destructive method of inspecting electrical and mechanical equipment. All electrical and mechanical equipment emit a certain amount of thermal radiation.

Matcorp Electrical uses thermal imaging to observe any heat emitted. An increase in temperature can create an opportunity for malfunction. Our test instruments are calibrated regularly to quality standards and procedures required by Australian standard AS3998 and the Infraspection Institute standard for infrared inspection of electrical systems and rotating equipment.

Matcorp Electrical uses thermal imaging infrared cameras that have a high level of accuracy and image quality. Inspections are carried out so that there is no loss of workplace productivity.

The Benefits of Thermal Imaging

  • Increased workplace safety by minimising the risk of mechanical or electrical failures by locating faults before a breakdown occurs
  • Reduces the opportunity for fire and equipment damage that may impact on business productivity
  • May lower your insurance premium

The safety of you and your staff is in your hands…get peace of mindwith thermal imaging.

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